Networked systems for situational awareness and intervention in maritime incidents

La Seguridad Marítima en los Espacios Portuarios - Seminar

Coruña, November 7th 2013

The seminar, part of Project NETMAR activities, is focused at laying adequate foundations on which actions to improve the marine environment should be developed. Experts from several scientific fields will meet to discuss the new challenges of maritime security with integrated coastal management as a goal and port areas as environment on which conclusions will be projected.

Project NETMAR, co-financed by the European Commission under the Atlantic Area Transnational Cooperation Programme 2007-2013, aims to promote and facilitate the demonstration and assessment of the use of unmanned vehicles (air, land and sea) and sensors for maritime surveillance sensors, to guarantee environmental safety in maritime incidents.

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November 7th

November 8th

Third Steering Committee Meeting

Fundación Universidade da Coruña

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Demo in Galicia

Portos de Galicia

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Maritime safety in port areas - The port of refuge challenge

Michel Girin

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Improving maritime safety and Atlantic Regions’ Coastal Pollution Response through technology transfer, training and innovation

ARCOPOL plus - The Atlantic Regions Coastal Pollution Response

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Los nuevos retos de la seguridad marítima

Mª Remedios Zamora Roselló

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