Networked systems for situational awareness and intervention in maritime incidents

4th Newsletter

February 27, 2015
The 4th newsletter is out. Check it here:

Video of the Second Demo

October 15, 2014
See the video of the activities during the Second Demonstration of the project.

2nd and 3rd October workshop participation

October 6, 2014
On the past 2nd and 3rd October, the NETMAR project was represented in the international seminar "New scenarios of maritime safety in the European Union. Reflections after the Erika and Prestige disasters" by portuguese (FEUP), Spanish (FUAC, Portos de Galicia and Tecnalia) and irish (Limerick University) partners.
At the opening of the seminar, João Sousa made a presentation about the project in terms of objectives, major achievements so far, and future plans.
The seminar focused on the social economic and security implications of maritime disasters, with special reference on the Erica and the Prestige cases, this one more focused on the criminal sentence.
Other major and relevant topics approached was the administrative procedures, aeronautical certifications and permission to fly UAV´s in Spanish airspace, which new laws are still somehow fuzzy and not very clear.
Finally, a round table with specialists from different areas discussed present and future issues to be approached in terms of Maritime Safety

Demo at A Pobra do Caramiñal

October 6, 2014
As scheduled the second demonstration of project NETMAR, took place at A Pobra do Caramiñal, on October 1st.
To understand how the demonstration was planned see our previous post.
Learn what were the objectives and see the articles published about the demo.

Galicia will host the second stage NETMAR demonstration project at October 2014

September 12, 2014
The new Demo of Netmar Project will take place in  October 1st. 2014. The chosen location is Port of Pobra  do Caramiñal, in SW of La  Coruña. In this second test,  we will show the simulation  of a maritime incident at sea,  with redirection of the ship to  a safe port (A Pobra do Caramiñal), that will be the place  where we will carry out an  exercise of flight against the  accidental maritime pollution.

A reefer having problems  maneuvering due to a heavy  storm registered in Finisterre  traffic separation device (VTS)  proceeds to anchor in the Ria  de Arosa to assess possible  damage, escorted by a rescue ship.