Networked systems for situational awareness and intervention in maritime incidents

Demo at A Pobra do Caramiñal

October 6, 2014
As scheduled the second demonstration of project NETMAR, took place at A Pobra do Caramiñal, on October 1st.


To understand how the demonstration was planned see our previous post.
The main objectives were:
• Test the creation and operation "in situ" of the coordination of operations at sea and ashore both with them and also with CECOP of the Pollution Response Plans. Capacity for coordination and communication through the IT’s implemented will be checked. 
• Plan and implement a coordinated response exercise for a pollution event at sea, with particular attention to regarding the methodology and organization of decision-making and coordination between technical experts and the bodies responsible for decision making, communications, logistics, etc .
• Deploy new technologies for the detection and control of pollutions, and coordinate its use with conventional tools normally used in the standard response of these types of incidents / accidents, to show their specific capabilities, and assess its merits in an operational exercise. These new technologies (UAV- Unmanned Air Vehicle and Autonomous Underwater Vehicles AUV-and management platform, mainly) are developed and / or improved by industries and European scientific institutions that take part in the NETMAR project. 
• Check the actual condition and correct operation of the equipment. 
• Instruct operating personnel that takes part in the exercise in the use of means for combating marine pollution by hydrocarbons.
• Interaction with Project ARCOPOL Platform. Assessment of the development tools in the context of ARCOPOL Project by the stakeholders involved in response activities.

 UAV X8, LAUV 's Noptilus 2 an 3 and drifters developed at LSTS - FEUP.

João Sousa from FEUP presenting the project

Containment Mesures

ROV from the University of Limerick

Tecnalia's UAV

The press was invited to closely monitor the demonstration.
Below you can find some of the articles published.

Proban drons na loita contra a contaminación marítima |


For more details of the operations check the following file Demo Description


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