Networked systems for situational awareness and intervention in maritime incidents

Galicia will host the second stage NETMAR demonstration project at October 2014

September 12, 2014

The new Demo of Netmar Project will take place in  October 1st. 2014. The chosen location is Port of Pobra  do Caramiñal, in SW of La  Coruña. In this second test,  we will show the simulation  of a maritime incident at sea,  with redirection of the ship to  a safe port (A Pobra do Caramiñal), that will be the place  where we will carry out an  exercise of flight against the  accidental maritime pollution.

A reefer having problems  maneuvering due to a heavy  storm registered in Finisterre  traffic separation device (VTS)  proceeds to anchor in the Ria  de Arosa to assess possible  damage, escorted by a rescue ship.

The Finisterre CCS informs  Gardacostas operating room, and this institution alerts Portos de Galicia and others responsibles for ports and sailing  in the estuary area.On the mooring maneuver, it is found that the ship  leaking fuel causing a spill,  assumed to be due to a crack  in one of the double bottom  tanks consumption.  Once the discharge is verified, the response system is  activated when contingencies discharges and decided  that the ship docking at the port Pobra do Caraminal.
Spilled product is IFO 180  fuel type.  In the evolution of pollution is observed that part  of the product is extended  by the harbor basin, and a  significant spot drift towards  Vilagarcía estuary and beach  Arenal by tides and currents  effect. Spray drift is favored  by weather conditions and  causes spots fragmented  by the river, the pier and the  beach area.

What are the goals?

  • Proof of constitution and  functioning «in situ» of the  coordination of operations  at sea and on land with a  response system contingencies faced with polluting discharges. Capacity for  coordination and communication through ICT implemented will be checked.  
  • Plan and implement a coordinated response exercise due to contingency for  polluting discharges into the  sea, where the conclusions  derived from the Shannon  exercise of NETMAR Project  will be applied, especially in  terms of methodology and  organization decision making and technical control.  Collaboration between policy makers, technical, and  economic, social and environmental actors, which is  essential given the environmental and social sensitivity  of the area where the DEMO  will take place.
  • Deploy new technologies for the detection and  control of polluting discharges, and coordinate its use with conventional tools,  used in the standard response  of these types of incidents /  accidents to show their specific capabilities, and assess  its merits in an operational  exercise. These new technologies (UAV-unmaned Air  Vehicle and Autonomous  Underwater Vehicles AUV -  mainly) are developed and  / or improved by industries  and European scientific institutions who participante in NETMAR project.
  • Planning and executing  co-ordinately an exercise of  emergency response, where  the lessons learned in the  execution of the NETMAR  project will be applied, especially those concerning the methodology and organization of the decision-makers  and technicians.

At this stage, the support  of INTECMAR, with a key  role in the protection of the  sustainability of the marine  environment and in the maritime safety, will be decisive. This role has been intensified along with their participation  in European projects such as  ArcopolPlus, MDS or Raia.

The conclusions of the  exercise will improve the  Emergency Plans which are  being drafting by the Galician  Government.  

- Displaying new technologies for the detection and  control of polluting spillages,  and coordinating his use with  the conventional tools. These  new technologies (UAV-Unmaned Air Vehicle and AUV- Autonomous Underwater  Vehicles, fundamentally) are  developed and/or improved  by Industries and European  scientific institutions in the  frame of the NETMAR project.

The organisations involved  in this demonstration are the  following:
The public entity Portos of  Galicia will be the responsible  for the conception, preparation and coordination of the  exercise, but:

  1. In the conception of the  exercise the contributions of  the partners of the NETMAR  project will be essential, since  the demonstration must include new technologies developed in the frame of the  project.
  2.  In the preparation and  operative coordination of  the exercise we will count  on the assistance and participation of SASEMAR (National Government), Coastguard  of Galicia (Regional Government), INTECMAR (Regional  Government), Environment  Department of Xunta de Galicia (Regional Government)  and Civil Protection  Deparment (Municipality of A Pobra  do Caramiñal).

Afterwards the participation of the NETMAR partners  in the execution of the demonstration will be used to  show the performances of  the new technologies.
All Netmar partners are  invited to propose suggestions and complements, so  as to create situations of best  value for the demonstration  of the innovative tools they  propose.


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