Networked systems for situational awareness and intervention in maritime incidents


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August 29, 2014

An International Seminar about safety and environment will take place in Centro de Extensión Universitaria y Divulgación Ambiental de Galicia - CEIDA, Sta. Cruz, A Coruña, at the 2nd and 3rd of October. The discussion will focus on new scenarios of maritime safety in the European Union and reflections after the Erika and Prestige disasters 

This international seminar, part of the activities of NETMAR Project seeks feedback from legal experts and economists on the impact of maritime disasters in the legal, social and economic environment of the territories concerned. The experience of the Erika and Prestige, particularly judicial recent rulings in France and Spain, will be the framework that will analyze some of the major issues of maritime safety.
The NETMAR project, financed by the European Commission under the Transnational Cooperation Programme “Atlantic Area” (2007-2013), aims to promote and facilitate the demonstration and evaluation of the use of unmanned vehicles (air, land and sea) and sensors for maritime surveillance that ensure environmental security incidents.

Target Audience:

  • Groups of interest in surveillance and maritime security
  • Local, regional, national and EU Authorities
  • General Audience


  • Fundación Universidade da Coruña- NETMAR partner
  • Portos de Galicia- NETMAR partner
  • FEUP- University of Porto- NETMAR partner
  • Instituto de Estudios Marítimos. University of A Coruña
  • Observatorio del Litoral. University of A Coruña

More information and on-line registration: and
Tlf.: 981 167000. Ext.: 1171, 2365 and 1005.

Final date for registration: September 29th, 2014


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