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5th Oil Spill Studies Workshop

March 25, 2014

The 5th Oil Spill Studies Workshop took place at La Rochelle 6 and 7,March 2014 and was hosted for the second time at EIGSI Engineering School of La Rochelle.
NETMAR was represented by ENSTA Bretagne
The planned program has been fulfilled with the participation of almost 20 persons from different internationals organizations and universities :Irish Coast Guard, University La Rochelle, CEDRE Brest, Commissioner AMSSA, Falmouth Harbour Commissioners, CDA La Rochelle, Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency, Action Modulers, EIGSI, IST, Ecole des Mines d'Ales, Thomsea, Eurosorb, Conseil Général 17, Université de Nantes and Ecole des Ponts et Chaussées ENPC - IUP / FHC, ENSTA Bretagne. The program, which was very rich, was divided in three main parts: 

1.      European Project on pollution,
2.      Software development for Environmental Risks and Decision Making
3.      The Socio-economic and Biological Impacts. 

The NETMAR project has been presented in the first part. After the different presentations, very rich discussions have been occurred, even during the lunch and dinner times, although the presentation subjects were diversified.  The atmosphere of the workshop was friendly and nice. In the following a list of the different contributor in this workshop and some details about their interventions will be represented: 

Emmanuelle Poupon from CEDRE (Brest, France)
Title of the presentation: «Training materials and operational guides drawn up in the framework of two EU: projects ARCOPOL and  POSOW»
Emmanuelle Poupon made two presentations on both project and ARCOPOL POSOW, where she presented the guides (small posters and manuscripts), which will be used by the volunteers for the recovery of oil especially on beaches.

Frédéric Muttin from EIGSI (Ecoles d’ingénieurs La Rochelle, France):
Title of the presentation: «Improving Shorelines Defenses Against Marine Pollution» in the frame of ISDAMP (Improving Shorelines Defenses Against Marine Pollution) project.Frederick Muttin, who is professor of mathematics at EIGSI, is the organizer of the workshop for the second time. The main subject of his presentation was about the techniques and how to recover the oil spills and how to find out the optimal place to do a demonstration for oils spills recovery. 

Frank Braunschweig from ACTION MODULERS, Portugal:
Title of the presentation: «The application numerical for risk assessments and mitigation measures» in the frame of ISDAMP (Improving Shorelines Defenses Against Marine Pollution) project.
Frank Braunschweig has detailed in his presentation and adaption of the software “MOHID” (Modelo Hidrodinâmico which is hydrodynamic model in Portuguese), which estimate the path direction and displacements of oil spills in the time domain.  
We believe that this tool will be a reliable guide for the different sensors which will be used during the NETMAR demonstrations. 

Frédéric Heymes from ECOLE de MINES d’ALES, France
Title of the presentation: « Characterization and Modeling of a release from Shipwreck»
Frédéric Heymes  has detailed in his presentation an experimental setup in a large transparent tube, where the flow of petrol in fresh and salty water could be observed.  Some of experimental measurement has been validated with the theory.

Karen Lupson from African Maritime Safety and security Agency (UK):
Title of the presentation: « Biological and socio economic impact of marine contamination by hydrocarbon»
Karen Lupson has detailed statistical studies about the impact of marine contamination by hydrocarbon to the coastal cities and their citizens 

Rordrigo  Fernandes from IST Portugal
Title of the presentation: « Integration socio-economic aspects in a dynamic risk mode for oil spills from ships» in the frame of ISDAMP (Improving Shorelines Defenses Against Marine Pollution) project.
Rordrigo Fernandes has detailed in his presentation a risk model based on the MOHID software to have very important data or forecast about behaviour of the oils spills. 






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