Networked systems for situational awareness and intervention in maritime incidents


Characterization of Maritime Incidents

- Their nature, current best practices in incident mitigation and challenges


-Identify potential focus of maritime incidents in the Atlantic and define ways to integrate with existing surveillance and classification systems; characterization of selected ecosystems in the Atlantic.

Protect and Prevent

-Study and demonstrate technologies for maritime surveillance and protection. Focus on networked systems and autonomous vehicles.


-Allocation and distribution of scarce resources for maritime incident response in the Atlantic area; coordinate operations in response to maritime incidents.


-Coordinated response to maritime incidents; technologies for monitoring the evolution of the incident


-Technologies to recover from the incident and to monitor its evolution

Approaches to mitigate Maritime Incidents

- Define approaches – plans, methodologies and technologies – to address the incident “life cycle”.

- Identify current status and challenges for future research.

- Define a roadmap for future work.