Networked systems for situational awareness and intervention in maritime incidents


Project acronym: NETMAR
Name of the project: Networked systems for situational awareness and intervention in maritime incidents

Focus on systems based on

  • Improve maritime safety
  • Maritime safety
  • Environment sustainably
  • Technology transfer

The project concerns the demonstration, evaluation and dissemination of new robotic systems, sensors and networking technologies in maritime incidents endangering human life, the environment and economic activities. Air and sea going robotic vehicles provide new capabilities to operate in dull, dirty and dangerous environments. Networking technologies enable the orchestration of existing assets and new robotic systems and sensors for enhanced situational awareness and intervention. New command, control and visualization tools provide new capabilities for the coordination of existing assets, robotic systems, sensors and human operators over inter-operated networks. These tools contribute to environmental assessments with unprecedented resolution and sensing diversity, provide reality checks for events generated in social networks and motivate constructive forms of public participation. The project is organized around demonstrations led by the operational partners for 3 types of maritime incidents: harbor in the proximity of a metropolitan area, estuary and open sea. Universities and R&D institutions will demonstrate new tools and technologies and evaluation methodologies. Planning and return on experience workshops will contribute to transition tools and technologies to operational practice and to companies, local, regional, national and EU authorities; technological and business challenges will be presented to EU networks of Excellence and funding agencies

Benefit of the added value of transnational cooperation

The benefit of the added value of transnational cooperation stems from the type of problems addressed in this project: maritime incidents and environmental impact. These may affect the whole Atlantic Area, as inferred from previous accidents, and require coordinated efforts and planning. This can only be achieved through international cooperation as proposed in this project.